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Power for all your projects. Get multiple voltages 3.3V, 5V, +12V,-12V and adjustable 1V-25V with currents upto 1.5A. Easy & Compatible


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  • The board accepts various input choices: USB-C (5-20V), Standard USB (5V), Li-ion Battery (3.7V and higher), Lead Acid Battery (6V to 24V)
  • It provides multiple outputs at the same time with different polarity as (3.3V, 5V, +12V, -12V and adjustable)
  • You can get two adjustable outputs
  • It can supply loads with a high current reaching 1.5A
  • It provides short circuit protection and overheating protection
  • It ensures uniform thermal distribution for less heating and prolonged life
  • Wide input range 3.3V-25V from USB charger, Power Banks, Batteries or other power supplies
  • Wide output range 1.2V – 25V
  • Compatible with breadboard
  • It has a separate LED indicator for each output
  • More than one input can be connected at the same time without a problem. The priority will be given to the highest input

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For What Can I Use it?

  • Useful for Home and Online Learning for Electrical and Electronic Courses Students\Learners, Colleges and Universities
  • Useful for Electronics for Kids Courses and Geeks
  • Useful for STEM Clubs and Schools Design and Technology Activities
  • Useful as a Portable Power Supply Powered by a Power Bank
  • Useful as a Battery Charger
  • Useful for various Arduino/Microcontroller Projects including Robotics, Control, Communication and Power


  • During the Corona Pendamic, all learners have to stay at home and use online resources to gain knowledge but this limited their practical skills and hands-on. The available affordable power supplies are not cheap, not portable and offer one output
  • The available mini kits in the market can’t provide high currents or multiple outputs simultaneously
  • Kids can’t use complex or Mains-powered power supplies at schools or STEM clubs
  • Limited availability of negative voltages with decent currents

Designed for outstanding user experience

TikStation Breakdown

It has TWO options for output boarding

Supplies High Current to Different Loads Simultaneously

Practical Testing for all output voltages at various currents from 0.1A to 1.5A

  • I used an electronic load for this test
  • Each table shows below the source of power for the board
  • Red blocks indicate that the voltage dropped more than 10% of the nominal value
  • The best result as shown below is when the board is supplied with a USB Type C charger Practical Testing Results in Tables

Practical Testing Results in Tables

Output Voltage Ripple Assessment

Each output has been probed using Ground Spring method at each output capacitor. The voltage ripple measurements are shown below at different loads: Test 1 at No load and Test 2 at 0.5A from each rail. The load is a Programmable DC Electronic Load. The board was supplied by the USB-C Charger. Ripple might be less if the board is supplied by a battery.

Thermal assessment at the highest current

  • The board has been tested under the highest current of 1.5A and a thermal top and side view are shown below. The board can be considered warm where the temperature is not exceeding 53°C.

The package

  • The package includes the Mainboard Plus:      Output Extension Board X 1PCS;       Adjusting Screwdriver X 1PCS;     It does not contain any USB Charger/Adapter


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  1. wissa

    Awsome product. It helped me a lot to do lots of experiments without worrying about the power. Handy and accurate